Super Sun in Indonesia Exhibition

The 32nd Internation Plastic & Rubber machinery, processing and materials exhibition was held in Jakarta internation expo, Indonesia from 20-23 Novermber 2019.

Super Sun auxiliary equipment was displaying and supporting for multiple brands including: Demag, Bole, Caifeng, Hwamda, by offering machine and mold cooling watering system, take out robot for food container, material dryer and mateiral auto loader.

This is one the exhibitions super sun takes part in, we will be at Istanbul Turkey from 4-7 December, 2019.IMG_20191120_102407 IMG_20191120_102723 IMG_20191120_101808 IMG_20191120_101622 IMG_20191120_101453 IMG_20191120_093020IMG_20191120_102723 IMG_20191120_101622

Post time: Nov-28-2019