Company Profile

Established in the year 2004, Ningbo Robot Machinery Co., Ltd. is a superior supplier of automation equipment in plastic industry, dedicating ourselves to the development and manufacturing of plastic automation equipment, such as: accurate dosing machine, temperature controlling machine, material conveying machine, take-out robot.
“We have the design with perspective, quality controlling with high standard, service with warm heart”. With the above philosophy, we have always been focusing on offering high standard automation equipment to bring customer management mode of high-efficiency and low cost. Meanwhile, Robot is also becoming one of the icon suppliers in the plastic equipment industry and is always dedicating ourselves to the development of plastic industry.

Company Name: Ningbo Norbert Machinery Co., Ltd.

Establishment date: 2004

Registered capital 10 million

Address No. 5 Shaonan Road, Yuyao, 315400, Zhejiang, China, No. 5 Shaonan Road, Shaonan Road, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province

Scope of business: Manufacturing and processing of mechanical equipment and accessories, plastic machinery auxiliary equipment, plastic products, hardware, stainless steel products, electronic components and small household appliances; import and export of self-operated and agent goods and technologies, except those whose import and export are restricted or prohibited by the state.

Corporate Culture

1. Create a stage for employees to display their talents and bring more quality life to employees and their families.

2. Create opportunities for suppliers to grow and develop together.

3. Promoting the Innovative Development of Plastic Industrial Equipment in China

began production of hopper dryer and auto loader
began production of mixer, chiller and mold temperature controller
move to the new factory, built processing workshop
start developing of central conveying system, enter the automation industry
SURPLO robot team established
Robot is becoming one the outstanding supplier of one-stop solution for plastic industry.

Standard manipulator, crushing and recovery series, drying and dehumidification series, feeding and conveying series, mixing and mixing series, temperature control series, central feeding series

Address: No. 5 Shaonan Road, Chengdong New District, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province